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Welcome to the Kitzhaber Holiday Light Show hosted by Jeremy Kitzhaber.

We run a Halloween and Christmas light show. Please visit the Showtimes page to keep up-to-date on when our show will be live.

Our show has a 5-song loop. However, while the show is playing you can select any song from the list to choose the next song. The song will be added to the song queue and play in the order the songs have been added.

Viewing Etiquette

Please keep your car volume at a courteous level. The sequences and songs can be so exciting that you may feel the urge to crank up your stereo. Please do not do that. We and our neighbors DO NOT want to hear your car radio from inside our homes. If the car radio noise becomes too loud, you will hear a warning, and the show will be suspended for a predetermined amount of time. Therefore, please be considerate to our neighborhood by enjoying the show at a polite volume.

Additionally, we also ask that you:

Our show is free. However, during the Christmas show, we happily accept donations to help us and you generous viewers to connect to those in the community. 100% of the donations go to The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 63, Boise Idaho to help veterans in need. Visit the Donations page for more information.

We are located on the west end of Boise Idaho. Visit our Location page to find us.

Thank you for including the Kitzhaber Holiday Light Show as part of your holiday tradition. We look forward to seeing you again.